Let the first fist of twilight break into the bloody sunset
As surgical as a tight hook into the universe's ribs.
I will hit the losing sun at nine o'clock
With overhand rights.
I will uppercut the seagulls and chew wings while I cough.
I will break the nose of evening's rain
And spread blood on the easel of the shoreline.
I will be as violent as the French Revolution
As I behead the innocent in the names of the envious.
If I hurt you like a false move
I hope that you remain permanently in your pain like a correction.
The night sky is filled with toy flying saucers as I look out
Into the confused Atlantic like a motivated blind eye.
I strangle myself to try to get the money from my throat.
My pockets rattle.
I try to grasp the moonlight between my thumb
And my forefinger.
All I get is a ring of imitation gold.
I go to my beach cabana to experience the emptiness
Of night.
The watch dog asks me if I want to play checkers.
I am too smart for that.
We play chess.
I lose and drown the dog in a tube that was meant to save.
I go to the hot dog stand.
I wander around the tennis courts, hungry.
I eat popcorn just in case I can find a movie.

Let me disappear like a tear like a vampire.
I want to suck your blood.
Not really.
You are as dear to me as an aorta.
My heart beats for your magnificence.
There is something so special about you that
I want to pack you like steak
In the middle of rye bread.
I will sandwich you and sell you to myself
When I am hungry.
I will shop in the grocery shop of your heart.
You are a bundle of good times and fun with a gun
At the OK Corral.
No shooting here.
The nozzle glued to the leather like blue weather.
No fight.
I worship you like a lollipop.
I want to suck on your sugar all day.
I am hungry for the surface of relationships.
I would rather lick you than bite you.
     David Lawrence 2013