Roots Surfacing Horizon, 2

Roots, lie on us by stirring the viscosity of surface, its increase was only raised this far by not incurring eruption as a lapsed concentrate     a finite extension of floor is what throws back the rupture crease to an unseverance, wide horizontal root of it without parching
perform sky-level surface out of almost nothing below until limbed across by lowered blinds of flatness      broken-bulged surface is all that will cross it, unsacrificed in the lateral test
how a world's depth can be shored round in surface risk      what the resistances no further trust any sealant with, can be trans-opened onto a pre-knit breach combing the pores as if they do spread (plead) for breath before horizon
if surface is re-embraced by depth it isn't swallowed but bitten off as depth frontal limit in recognition of the proffering skin of horizon    the deep tap blunders compact slighting basked by way of root to surface
from enterable earth
to a cosmically unsealed,
root rides grazed faces
to horizon, residingly un-
deride a scarce stint of,
transcendence the blind-
ly fastened beckoner
Innovatory at a core of greatest dependence    below the plain's seed-dust is a depth of differentiated desert embedding its capsized scatter down the greetingest
rootal-axile because plenished figure that co-planes surface    if retention is
ante-complete it tapers by every new series what is the one undelayed help to a leanness in greeting     refinities that only the one gift is compatible completeness, a lateral beginning role for roots     flexing the horizon they have stayed additional surface for
a parting made for layout itself where the whole pre
sidual lie-up is horizon on seam
not crater mash upward
but contortion of retention
pommelling the exhaustion
success within stretched
cell (the one skin surface-
ing) over a pall of root
Roots amend depths by surface over cleft     how participation passages at swells of static     the messages leap to the sill of the outcome as displacement would not
scalds the toil of erosion, ebullition of root-dome skims the very shin to be leggy with surface adherence     a matter of outliving the shaftless drift thickly limbed at its plain caption
not surrogate of surface
but truly under an arena
bedded open, barrier-
origin on clear pan
roots that veneer their
stilt until ground,
proliferate how rend-
itions of horizon (dom-
inance) are weakly
close to optimum
Root planing eliminates surface as pocket to distribute its pivotal lessening of depth    ascent uncontaining enclave as roots knuckle surface to no other withholder    the capped anchor is a logic of planes by vertical ply, interruption was conscripted from a downward singleness below
holding out a soil-face rather than refolding it prevents horizontal corrosion: horizons wherever endless surface is interrupted at the convertibility of own surfeit
sore grace attended levels with a hump in the stair     scour their unriseable much as a counter-flatness    roots didn't buckle out any further than this vertical brow
secured in ordinary, rootal
nearface, cleanest exile
from fibrillant layers
deeming only its lean-
ly advised extension
roots satiric until detain-
ment surfaced, surface
atterric since beam of
horizon prefaces

      Peter Larkin 2010